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Today is Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. It’s also a new moon, and both the sun and moon are in Aquarius. Now, I don’t know what all that means. I read Tarot, not astrology, but it sure sounds like an auspicious day for a first blog post. I started constructing this blog a few months ago, but today is the first real blog post, and I think I’ll do two today. For this post, I’ll just share a few random thoughts. (You’ve been warned. They really are quite random.)

Year of the Tiger

Today begins the year of the tiger in Chinese astrology. So, look out! I love Chinese New Year in Chinatown. So festive. Maybe one of these years I’ll actually make it to the parade. Thus far, I’ve settled for firecrackers and food.


I’ve been hearing about the Age of Aquarius ever since ‘Hair’ hit Broadway in the late 60’s. Apparently no one knows if we’ve actually entered the Aquarian Age, but today the sun and moon are both in Aquarius. Maybe today is the day we get into it. Aquarius also happens to be my rising sign – maybe a good day to start something new, which brings us to the new moon.

New Moon

I’m a moon child (Cancer), so I do know a bit about that. Dark and mysterious. New beginnings. Auspicious, indeed.

Valentine’s Day

Ah, the dreaded and feared Valentine’s day.  I always thought that it was a Hallmark holiday, but not so. It’s been around for many moons. According to Wikipedia, it became associated with romantic love in Chaucer’s time. Thank you, ancestors from the Middle Ages.

So, there’s a lot to celebrate today. Take your pick and enjoy. I’d love to hear from anyone who has a story (real or imagined) of what the convergence of these events could be.