Tiger Woods, champion golfer, drives the ball ...

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Isn’t it strange that Tiger Woods’ issues are coming forth as we enter the Chinese Year of the Tiger? They did surface a couple of months before the Chinese New Year, in the Year of the Ox, but that’s close enough, don’t you think?  This is going to be more than a one year deal for him.

As a Tarot reader, NLP practitioner and coach, I notice these odd connections. Digging deeper, I find that the Year of the Tiger is associated with the element – maybe you guessed it – wood!

If this were a Tarot reading, and these elements his cards: Ox in past, Tiger in present, Rabbit (next year’s animal; also his birth year animal) in future, I would say this: Last year, as a whole, was very stable. This year is the year to face those internal demons and take care of personal business. That won’t be easy, but it could bring healing, rebirth and peace in the Year of the Rabbit.

Tiger, the choice is yours. I wish you and those closest to you, the best.