Psychics in the News

Some people are recognizing that psychics can help them make better decisions by providing insight. This CNN video presents various views on the subject, and why some people choose to consult with psychics.

One client says of his psychic: “She helps me make better decisions. She is able to make me see things that I wouldn’t otherwise see. I just think that she has this intuition that gets through to my subconscious in a way that I can’t.

According to this video, some psychics are charging $20 a minute. That’s $1200 an hour! You don’t have to spend that much at Tarot 4 Insight. ūüôā Check out the services page to see.

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Earth Day Tarot

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What does Earth Day have to do with Tarot? Nothing I can think of, but I wanted to honor Earth Day in my blog. So, there you have it. I think that every day should be Earth Day, but I remember when we didn’t even have one day; before people recycled anything or gave a second thought to the black, noxious gasses spewing from stacks all over the industrialized world – or from our own tailpipes. I’m happy that today recycling is easy to do.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Go here for a lovely article on the old adage,¬† reduce, reuse, recycle. In the meantime, here’s my pared down interpretation:

Reduce: Use less. Anything we consume was produced. That may be good for the economy, but bad for the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Reuse: Sort of a corollary to Reduce; Use less new stuff.

Recycle: You know what this means. This one’s good for the economy, too.

Some Materials Are Better Than Others

When you consider buying something new, consider the materials and their impact on the environment. Glass is better than plastic, for instance.

Dispose of unwanted items consciously. Things such as thermometers and some light bulbs (contain mercury), batteries, electronics are bad for landfills. Fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, paint are also bad. Surf the internet to find the earth-friendliest ways to get rid of these things.

So, go forth and hug a tree, run barefoot through the grass, or full-out naked in a pond. Enjoy the natural world. Love it, honor it, respect it. Happy Earth Day one and all!

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Can Making Predictions Cause Death?

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Here we are¬† in the 21st century, and it looks like making predictions could be bad for your health, and actually cause death – your own. A Lebanese man, Ali Hussain Sabat, was arrested in Saudi Arabia and is now awaiting a possible beheading. Yes, beheading. The reason? He’s accused of sorcery for making predictions on Lebanese television. I’m not writing about this to be gruesome. It’s been my contention that hard-and-fast predictions are useless, and now I can say that they’re worse than useless. They can kill you. Maybe that’s far fetched and is making light of a terrible situation, but the truth is that predictions can cause harm.

If you tell someone that something will happen, you could be influencing them to do something that they would not otherwise do – and your prediction could be totally wrong; or your prediction could be right because it amounts to a self-fulfilling prophesy. Of course, you could also positively influence outcomes, too. But is that really what you mean to do when you make a prediction? Personally, I avoid making outright predictions, and when I do, I’m very careful about it. Predictions can be fun, but taking them seriously can be dangerous.

Here’s the flip side: Lives have been saved by people following their intuitions to not do something. Bad premonitions about plane flights have saved lives. Following this sort of prediction can be a good thing. One could argue that it usually is.

The truth is that predictions aren’t really good or bad. The trick is to use discernment in how you use the information that may or may not be true. Development of intuition and discernment go hand-in-hand.

Ali Hussain Sabat’s execution has been delayed. I do hope that he is released soon and allowed to return to his wife and children in Lebanon.

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Spiritual But Not Religious

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I’m really bothered by the term ‘spiritual but not religious.’ What does that mean, anyway? What if you are spiritual AND religious? What does it mean to be spiritual? What does it mean to be religious? Each of these terms is so loaded and mean such different things to different people. Why make it more confusing?

OK, I know it’s a catchall for those who don’t subscribe to any religious dogma, yet feel there is some force outside of themselves, and they relate to this force. And, yes, I really do sort of know what the person labeled ‘spiritual but not religious’ means, so why am I so bothered? Why does it matter?

You know what, I just hate boxes with labels. The problem with these boxes is that there just aren’t enough of them. Can’t you identify with a specific religion and not consider yourself to be religious? I do. What if you held religious beliefs, but didn’t consider yourself to be religious? There’s no box for ‘Catholic and not religious.’ What if you held spiritual AND religious beliefs, but didn’t consider yourself religious? How about ‘spiritual, Jewish, and not religious?’ Nope, no box.

If there were enough boxes, there would be too many – because we don’t all fit in boxes. Which leads me to another phrase that I hate – ‘think outside of the box.’ WHAT BOX? I don’t think in a box to begin with. But, I digress.

Funny thing‚Ķ I have a favorite quote of the day widget in my google page. Here’s what came up today:

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. – Thomas Paine

Maybe Thomas Paine would have considered himself to be ‘spiritual but not religious.’ And if he did, who am I to argue?

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Future Revealed: FlashForward

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Some people think that I use Tarot cards or intuition to predict their future. Not true. Actually, I don’t think that people really want to know the future – unless they like what they see. What they really want to know is that everything – and everyone – that they care about will be okay. At any rate, I don’t believe that the future is cast in stone. I do believe that there are influences at work and momentum in play that drive us towards a particular outcome; but I also believe that we have free will to make choices that affect the outcome. I use Tarot and my intuition to bring these unseen influences to your attention so that you can make better choices to create a better future.

How people might react to their foretold future, as well as the question of fate vs. free will,¬† is examined on¬† a T.V. show, called FlashForward. The improbable story goes like this: the whole world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. I don’t even know why I even tuned into a show with such a ridiculous premise. Maybe it was because Joesph Fiennes was in it. Anyway, I was surprised¬† and intrigued by the questions it raises; because here’s the thing… While they’re unconscious, most people see 2 minutes and 17 seconds of their future. That’s where it gets interesting.

The voice over on a FlashForward second season promo:

When the blackout happened, and the entire world saw the future, we all wondered, “Would our visions come true?”

Some of us saw something beautiful. For others, our lives changed in unimaginable ways.

Now, can we use what we saw to change what we saw? Or do we surrender to fate?

FlashForward’s second season starts this week. I’ll be watching. I’m interested by the different ways in which the characters react to their respective visions – and those of their loved ones. To quote Mr Spock, “Fascinating.”

I’m also interested in what you think. Do you think the future is something that is ruled by fate and can really be predicted?

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Earthquake and Friends in Chile

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An earthquake in Chile today. Just yesterday my sister had told me that an old high school friend’s daughter had moved there. The friend had been down visiting her daughter and, I thought, was back home.¬† When I read about the earthquake, I asked my sister about the daughter. Her reply:¬† Mother AND daughter are there. No word from them, but we think they’re okay.

I was struck by my reaction to this, but first some more background. I, like my sister, went to high school with the mother. I had seen the daughter, many years ago, as a little girl. She was now living in Chile with her partner. So, here’s the thing. I was vaguely concerned when I heard about people dying in Chile. I was slightly more concerned when I realized my sister’s friend’s daughter might be close to the quake; but when I realized that our high school friend was down there, I felt a physical sensation go through my body. It felt like fear for this woman, whom I haven’t seen in years, but I knew her.

I guess this is all pretty predictable, but it struck me, and I paid attention to it. I’ve always been critical of people who were more concerned with people who lived closer to them – fellow countrymen, for example, as opposed to foreigners. I’ve always, and still do, think that all people, regardless of where they live, deserve the same amount of happiness and prosperity. Yet, there is no denying that the closer the person is to us – the more real they, and their pain, joy, whatever, are to us.

No big revelation; just noticing. My thoughts and prayers go out to  Chile, as well as the Pacific islands bracing for, and being swept by, the tsunamis.

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Year of the Tiger… Woods?

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Isn’t it strange that Tiger Woods’ issues are coming forth as we enter the Chinese Year of the Tiger? They did surface a couple of months before the Chinese New Year, in the Year of the Ox, but that’s close enough, don’t you think?¬† This is going to be more than a one year deal for him.

As a Tarot reader, NLP practitioner and coach, I notice these odd connections. Digging deeper, I find that the Year of the Tiger is associated with the element – maybe you guessed it – wood!

If this were a Tarot reading, and these elements his cards: Ox in past, Tiger in present, Rabbit (next year’s animal; also his birth year animal) in future, I would say this: Last year, as a whole, was very stable. This year is the year to face those internal demons and take care of personal business. That won’t be easy, but it could bring healing, rebirth and peace in the Year of the Rabbit.

Tiger, the choice is yours. I wish you and those closest to you, the best.

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Tarot Article on Your Topical Content Blog

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I recently met a very cool person who wrote a Tarot article about another Tarot reader and me. His name is Peter Gault. You can go to¬† his website, Your Topical Content, to read the post. He talks about his experience with his Tarot reading. He has other interesting posts you might want to check out. I don’t see an opt-in box on his website, but I’m sure he’ll put you on his mailing list if you contact him.

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New Beginnings

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Today is Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. It’s also a new moon, and both the sun and moon are in Aquarius. Now, I don’t know what all that means. I read Tarot, not astrology, but it sure sounds like an auspicious day for a first blog post. I started constructing this blog a few months ago, but today is the first real blog post, and I think I’ll do two today. For this post, I’ll just share a few random thoughts. (You’ve been warned. They really are quite random.)

Year of the Tiger

Today begins the year of the tiger in Chinese astrology. So, look out! I love Chinese New Year in Chinatown. So festive. Maybe one of these years I’ll actually make it to the parade. Thus far, I’ve settled for firecrackers and food.


I’ve been hearing about the Age of Aquarius ever since ‘Hair’ hit Broadway in the late 60’s. Apparently no one knows if we’ve actually entered the Aquarian Age, but today the sun and moon are both in Aquarius. Maybe today is the day we get into it. Aquarius also happens to be my rising sign – maybe a good day to start something new, which brings us to the new moon.

New Moon

I’m a moon child (Cancer), so I do know a bit about that. Dark and mysterious. New beginnings. Auspicious, indeed.

Valentine’s Day

Ah, the dreaded and feared Valentine’s day.¬† I always thought that it was a Hallmark holiday, but not so. It’s been around for many moons. According to Wikipedia, it became associated with romantic love in Chaucer’s time. Thank you, ancestors from the Middle Ages.

So, there’s a lot to celebrate today. Take your pick and enjoy. I’d love to hear from anyone who has a story (real or imagined) of what the convergence of these events could be.

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