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  1. Joy Linsley

    Just completed my first reading with Marla, and it was exceptional! She is very intuitive, has a long history of “receiving messages,” and is compassionate and clear in her sharing. In just one hour, I feel released from struggles and perceptions that were deeply impacting many aspects of my life, including my health. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her work.

  2. Rosemarie Crocker

    Wow! My reading with Marla was very helpful by guiding me with confidence on the right path to making two important decisions about my career and relationship situation. She has talented gifts to hear intuitive messages that are useful to my needs, and as a teacher in helping me to listen to my inner self. Marla gives an extraordinary and useful reading that sets her apart from other psychics that I have had.
    Rosemarie Crocker

  3. Ellen Violette

    I had a reading from Marla and it was amazing! I was having a problem in my business with a student and I didn’t even realize it but it was draining my energy. But after I spoke with Marla, I had a mindshift and the problem was solved! I’d recommend Marla to anyone who wants insight into their life or their business. She’s great! Thanks Marla!

  4. Valerie

    Wow! What a wonderful experience. I had my first reading with Marla and it was very insightful. I had some questions about my business path and personal life that I was struggling with making a decision, and with Marla’s guidance and intuition the path became clear. I’ve known Marla for years and with her coaching I have experienced powerful breakthroughs, and with the Tarot Reading her guidance and intuition goes even deeper. Marla is a gifted coach. I highly recommend Marla. Thanks Marla for your gift!

  5. Lindsay Gleason

    There are tarot card readings and then there are Marla’s readings. All of the readings I have had previously were light, fun and entertaining but not particularly useful. Marla provided specific real world input to help me in my daily life. Her in depth approach is serious as well as seriously helpful. I’ll be back for more!

  6. N. Gunderson

    Marla is very insightful and intuitive. She made me feel comfortable immediately and is very kind and sympathetic in her approach. I am facing major transitions in my life and Marla helped me sort through them and look at them from a different perspective. Her skills helped put me in the right direction and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her again. She’s delightful and well worth the time and money for her wise guidance.

  7. Dan Hanneman

    Marla is a magical mystic with a very keen intuition and psychic capacity. She tells it to you straight (but gently) and goes beyond the run of the mill reading of giving you basic interpretations. Marla helps to draw out what is really happening in combination with her reading talent. I felt a big shift in my energy and new insights that I am still processing from last night. She helped me and my wife connect on several important issues that may never have been addressed in any other forum. This is deep and powerful work that she is doing. I am very grateful for her ginormous gift and that she is sharing it in a bigger way with the world now.

  8. Laurie Polinski

    Marla is a truly gifted intuitive. I never expected such an in-depth, clear and insightful reading as what I received from Marla. Marla’s ability to channel and share information as she receives and interpret it into real, practical awareness is a real gift to us. I highly recommend that anyone wanting clarity, greater awareness and/or discovery of self and circumstances contact Marla for a consultation. You will be glad you did.

  9. Laurie Polinski

    I wanted to take this time to comment again. Marla’s reading was not only in-depth and perceptive, what she talked about continues to unfold before me day-after-day! I am amazed at what comes up for me days later that bring to light what Marla shared with me during the reading.

    I have to admit that some of what Marla shared during the reading didn’t really sound familiar. Yet, as the days go on, I find that there is so much truth in it! What that tells me is that part of Marla’s gift and purpose is to shine a light on that part of us, the “shadow” side, that we don’t see ourselves.

    Why this is so important is because when we are aware of these parts of us, we can consciously choose to make changes and adjustments.

    I cannot recommend Marla enough to everyone who wants to become aware of themselves to make the lasting changes for the truly joyful and free life you want!
    Thank you Marla,

  10. Marla

    Thank you, everyone, for these kind words. Not everyone takes the time to leave a comment for others. I would like to especially thank you, Laurie, for sharing your experience.

    When I get a message, I also get a confidence level. So, when a message comes in, I share it with you and may ask if it feels true to you. If it does, great; we’re on track. If it doesn’t, then either the message is wrong, I’m misinterpreting, or you’re resisting. My confidence level, combined with my reading of your response, helps me to decide which it is. (My confidence level could be wrong, also.) If I feel that it’s resistance, I do my best to help you hear what you need to hear. Ultimately, that part is up to you.

    Kudos, Laurie, for sticking with yourself and breaking through that resistance. I felt that you made some powerful shifts during our reading. I’m honored to play a role in that and happy to see your feedback.

  11. Lexi B.

    Marla is simply amazing! I saw her for a reading just last night and was really struck by the turnout. Going in with what I thought was a simple question, she really got down to the bottom of things and made me understand my feelings and why certain aspects of my life are they way they are. She really digs deep to find the root of the problem, and then has techniques to help you work through it.

    I will recommend Marla to anyone and everyone. She has helped me see what I need to do to move forward with my life and have true happiness. She really hit the nail on the head.

    I do plan on keeping in touch with Marla and sharing my journey with her and asking for advice along the way. She is an amazing woman and has such an amazing gift. Thank you, Marla. So much.

  12. Eva L

    Going into the tarot reading as a skeptic, Marla immediately put me at ease with her great perspective. Now I see the tarot reading as a valuable gift and I keep referring back to it for reassurance and inspiration. Marla is right on, she addressed every important area of my life without possibly knowing any of them. She flowed easily from sharing hard facts to showing possibility and opportunity. She coached me as she sensed my questions and dilemmas. Marla is tuned in, understands people, energies, and courses of events. I highly recommend her as a tarot reader and as a coach!

  13. Monique MacKinnon

    As a tarot reader, Marla is astute, thorough, calm and patient. While she is firm in her delivery of insights and information, she also is open minded and flexible in how you choose to receive it. The experience is respectful, reaffirming and internally rewarding. I recommend Marla for this special service.

  14. Lizabeth Phelps

    When you were doing the reading for me, it felt a *little* foreign to me. Like you were pulling out a bunch of ingredients onto the kitchen counter that seemed unrelated to one another, and didn’t appear to be able to make one good dish. And yet, somewhere inside, I *knew* a very good dish was there to be made; I could feel it. It turns out that with settling time, those ingredients have come together into an “aha” that is really big. REALLY big. I don’t know anyone more self-reflective than I am, so I didn’t think there was anything I didn’t know about myself. But in the settling time, I saw an entire life-long pattern of mine that I’ve never seen before! And it needs to be broken! 🙂 I would never be in this awareness if you hadn’t presented me with all of those ingredients. I am truly grateful! And I’ll be in touch as the dish continues cooking!

    Lizabeth Phelps, Persuasive Communications Expert

  15. Lynn

    I think it’s safe to tell you that in some way, somehow, I feel a little stronger or less depressed today. I believe this is because we definitely connected with the unique core issues that surround me as well as those that are within. Now, I have important work to do in the areas we discussed!

    Thank you again, for the wonderful, intuitive guidance that you offer. I’m sure I will be in touch with you sometime in the future and will let others know about your site.

  16. Michelle Payton

    Marla does tarot by telephone. She asked me to share thoughts on what I might like to learn, and after my endless babbling she summarized “What I think I heard is…” and consolidated this into a half a dozenish words (yeah, I guess I did say that) and gave me a tarot reading. While she was reading the cards we were dialoguing about what intuitively might make sense as well; it wasn’t simply a one-sided “here are your cards and here is what they mean.” I walked away with some important points to ponder; I feel stronger and more resolved. (Wow, it’s tough to say how great someone is without giving out personal information.) Get to know Marla, you’ll be glad you did.

  17. Laura

    I came across Marla at a Holistic health expo and loved the beauty of her Tarot cards laid out on the table. I stopped to chat and decided to book a telephone reading somewhat on a whim. I believe in the hidden energies of the universe, but I’m always skeptical about the practioners who claim to have particular skills in interpreting them. During my 30 minutes on the phone with Marla, I knew rather quickly that she grasped the direction of my life without having given her many details of my current circumstances. She identified things I need to consider in making some important decisions. It is exactly what I was seeking. I will be in touch with her again and I recommend her services highly.

  18. Jacquie Doucette

    I had my first-ever Tarot reading recently with Marla. It was over Zoom and it was fascinating! Marla explained the process completely; she told me what each of the cards represents and how the interpretations could vary. She was very relaxed and yet attuned to my responses – physical and verbal. Obviously skilled, Marla didn’t hesitate to state that sometimes she gets no indications about specific subjects. I was especially impressed by her forthright manner. Overall, an excellent experience. Thanks, Marla, for leaving me with a good impression of this craft.

  19. John Little

    I got a reading from Marla without asking any particular question, just wanting to know what she would see. I knew my life was in a state of flux; some old parts of my life going away, big new things coming in, and I’ve been expecting my life to change drastically in 2020. Marla’s reading reflected all of that, so it was nice to hear confirmation of what I was already feeling.
    Then, on a whim, I asked her to look at my financial situation. The cards she laid out mirrored pretty closely what she had seen in the previous spread. (Half of the cards were even the same.) It made perfect sense that what she saw before would impact my finances heavily. So, again, confirmation.
    Confirmation is good! 🙂 Thank you, Marla.

  20. Gina Tierno

    The gift of intuition that Marla was given and has fine-tuned over her years of experience is beyond words. Never have a met a more professional, authentic, and honest coach or tarot card, reader. There are some people when you met them that you just feel deep in your soul that they are honest and “right”. Marla is one of those people. She makes it so easy to open up to and let your walls fall. I could have talked with her for hours on end. She was spot on in so many places and helped me see things and open up my mind to many blind spots and things I never thought of. I love being challenged to think differently or view things in a different light, and that’s exactly what she helped me do. She is truly gifted and I am so blessed and thankful to have been put on a path that collided with hers that led to this reading. I hope you can help hundreds of more people the way you’ve helped me in such a short period of time. Thank you Marla, I cannot wait to work with you again.

  21. Toya

    I recently had my 1st ever Tarot Card Reading with Marla. I was excited ,nervous about the information I was about to recieve . She was informative and helpful.
    She helped me to understand what the effects of a major betrayal had on me. And helped me to free myself from that Great burden. I will connect with Msla again! And I reccomend her to anyone seeking answers.
    Thank you Marla and yes I’m exploring more opportunities.

  22. Elizabeth

    Have you ever felt from a psychic or tarot reading that it was just general information and felt like it was a waste of time? Well, this is not the case with Marla! The tarot reading she gave me felt very personal and like it was meant for me. There was a clear message coming through that resonated and will help me progress on my path. The way she uses her intuitive skills in combination with the tarot is evident and insightful. I learned a lot, thank you, Marla!

  23. Adele Roberts

    It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday! Yes I guess we all face ups and downs in our lives & must learn & except those that we endure. But I want to say I enjoyed your reading immensely…. you kept on ” digging” and questioning me when reading the cards because what I was saying did not jive with what you were seeing or feeling! Thats when you know you have a great tarot reader with psychic abilities! The cards speak…. you interpret & listen. Besides all that you are a very caring and observant individual. Your compassion for people and expertise in the tarot language will get you very far. I hope whoever is reading this and they need some guidance & clarification in their life that they will come to you. Thank you very much Marla.. you helped me see deep inside which we know was already there but I was fearful to face & you guided me to place the things in proper prospective! I am very grateful to you. I wish you good health, much success in your journey and may your true path be filled with love & light. Blessings my friend. Much appreciated. Xo

    Kind regards,
    Adele Roberts

  24. Denise

    I’ve had many tarot readings over the years and Marla’s was among the best. She was thoughtful, patient and very insightful. She honed in on aspects of my life that are unique to me yet germane to understanding where I’ve been and where I’m going. I came away from our time together with greater clarity and appreciation for where my energy should be focused throughout an upcoming endeavor. I’m looking forward to seeing Marla again!

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